Sorsogon is known for having the most beautiful beaches in the Bicol Region. This province is comprised of 14 municipalities and 1 city. Over the years, this humble province’s tourism has spiked, adding a notable share to Bicol Region’s total tourism income.

Tourism Destinations in Sorsogon


This 3rd class municipality in the province of Sorsogon is among the top tourist destination, not only in Bicol, but in the whole country. For over 100 years, this municipality has seen yearly visits from whale sharks, locally known as butanding. Tourists are allowed to swim with these gentle giants. In fact, in 2004, Time magazine featured swimming with whale sharks as the Best Animal Encounter in Asia.

Donsol is also well known for its dishes. Among the famous dishes that tourists are recommended to try is “laing” or “gabi”, which is dried and cooked in coconut cream with cuts of fish and pork.

Although not as popular as whale shark encounter, firefly tour and shrimp-catching night tour are also a great treat for local and foreign tourists.


Matnog is another 3rd class municipality in Sorsogon, which just recently has gained popularity amongst local tourists because of its beaches. Subic Beach and Tikling Island offer pinkish-white fine sands, relatively calm sea and spectacular view.

Many tourists who have visited these places have compared them to Boracay. The only difference is that these are untouched by civilization and although there are cottages, there are no hotels in these areas.


Gubat, Sorsogon rose to popularity in 2016. Aside from offering surreal beaches, this place also offers the best surfing experience. Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp and Buenavista Surf Camp are two of the renowned places where tourists can learn and experience surfing.

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